Terms of Use

All information provided to client must be considered confidential and may be considered a work product in anticipation of litigation. Further, some information may be subject to attorney-client privilege and investigator-client privilege.  All information should be considered to be subject to one or more possible federal and/or state laws including, but not limited to, FCRA, FDCPA, FCBA, TILA, GLBA, HIPAA, Louisiana Title IX, and the Computer And Fraud Abuse Act.  No information obtained may be released without prior written approval, may not be re-sold, published nor used for any purpose contrary to prevailing law and client’s stated permissible use.  Should any information obtained, be outside the scope for which the information was sought, client bears full responsibility for determining its applicability to the situation and reducing, limiting, redacting or destroying any information that is not applicable and inappropriate to be used.  All information provided to client must be maintained for a minimum of 3 years and is subject to audit and verification of such retention.  In order for us to maintain security of the information (Data) obtained and released to our client, we require a certain degree of awareness of the various laws that may govern the use, retention, release and destruction of that Data.  Those laws noted in our Terms Of Use, and other others that may apply,  are best appreciated with sound legal advice from a qualified attorney who can best recommend their applicability to your business and your legal responsibilities for that Data.  All information provided to our clients is considered private, and in some circumstances, copyrighted and restricted to the specified use stated by us and/or as a matter of how such information is handled under state and federal law.